Nearly 15 million Americans have some form of speech dysfluency. Our lack of awareness about these ways of speaking, however, has led to prejudice, stigma, and a bias toward corrective, "normalizing" speech therapies. Stuttering, like most speech disorders, must be corrected, overcome, and erased.
As a person diagnosed with stuttering, ex perience contends with this narrative of overcoming. Using motion graphics, photography, and 3-D typography, the project presents stuttering as a visual, linguistic, and physical space that is rich with poesis and strife, materiality, and meaning.
Made for Blaffer Art Museum's MFA Thesis Exhibition, the work occupies a long corridor designed to generate greater speech-related inclusivity. It takes stuttering out of erasure and into an open forum, asking the viewer to reconsider his or her own beliefs of what it means to speak "dysfluently."
Creative Management: Research, Strategy, Art Direction, Project Management
Visual Storytelling: Photography, Illustration, Videography, Creative Writing
SoftwareIllustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, After Effects, Audition, Premiere Pro
Fabrication ToolsCommercial printer, Commercial trimmer
Exhibitions: 42nd MFA Thesis, Blaffer Art MuseumMy Virtual BlafferBlaffer Art MuseumMy Art My StoryKGMCAIn the StudioKGMCA
Publisher: School of ArtUniversity of Houston
Special Thanks: Renee AnagnostopoulosCheryl Beckett, Beckham DossettSibylle HagmannYoon Kim, Fiona McGettigan, Luisa Orto, Sofia Tilton, Joshua Unikel