Organized by Fieldwork: Marfa, WOW is a night of concerts, films, and performances presented by artists from Geneva, Houston, and Nantes. To bring awareness to the program, I branded the event and designed its signage: videos, posters, and postcards. The signage reflects the organicness of the overall work produced by the participating artists. And, due to limited resources, it also embraces the creative solutions invented by the artists.
Abinadi Meza, Program Director
Jose created original art and design works. I was deeply impressed with his level of engagement, work ethic, ability to successfully manage multiple projects, and capacity to lead a team. I was equally impressed with Jose’s collaborative nature, openness/ willingness to learn, and can-do attitude. Jose’s interdisciplinary interests, which span multiple media and processes, give him the technical and conceptual skills to excel in any working environment and on many kinds of projects.
Creative Management: Research, Strategy, Art Direction, Project Management
Visual Storytelling: Illustration, Creative Writing
Software: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, After Effects
Event: WOW, Fieldwork: Marfa

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