Much like Dr. Jane Chu's philosophy, I believe that art in healthcare has the power to heal and, if we bring both forces together, we can live fulfilling healthy lives. In response to this, I designed a monument for the TMC3 that helps humans cope with their health issues — mental, physical, and spiritual. As the audience feels ill, weary, or discouraged, they can have an encounter with the healer.
This solution includes two components: (1) a typographic stone sculpture and (2), touch-sensitive LED lighting. The healer leverages expressive typography (the letters I, S, and an apostrophe) to form the Rod of Asclepius. As a universal symbol of healing and medicine, the iconic staff and serpent attract people from diverse backgrounds. The soft, warm, blue lights offer holistic healing. When the healer is touched, the LED lights activate via touch sensors and begin revitalizing them.
The healer is interactive, inclusive, and poetic. It creates a calming and engaging encounter, celebrates diversity, and honors the human experience.
Creative Management: Research, Strategy, Art Direction, Project Management
Visual Storytelling: Photography, Illustration, Videography
Software: Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects
Exhibitions: My Virtual Blaffer, Blaffer Art Museum
Publisher: Blaffer Art Museum​​​​​

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